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Dec 2, 2019



There’s no more exalted name in the Ford portfolio than Mustang and any vehicle that’s even remotely linked to the famous nameplate is bound to be very well thought-out indeed.

So when Ford announced its plans for an electric vehicle to be known as the Mach-E, interest was aroused across the world and especially for fans of the planet’s best selling sports car. The first point to get straight is that your next Mustang Bullitt is not going to boast an electric motor under its hood. The Mach-E is an all-new SUV/crossover inspired by the dynamics of the Mustang we all know and love. Ford used Mach-E in homage to the Mustang Mach-1, a performance version that was in the range for some years.

The fact that Ford is using the Mustang name for something other than a sports coupe or convertible is proof enough that the Mach-E is going to be very special. There’s no way Ford would cheapen the Mustang brand with a vehicle that didn’t have at least some DNA from the famed pony car.

Ford points out that the Mach-E embodies the Mustang spirit with a sleek silhouette and muscular curves in addition to unique driving dynamics and sounds. Prototype images released by Ford show that the styling targets have been met and exceeded and this new Mustang looks like it will be one of the most attractive sporty SUVs on the market. Interior design too, cleverly picks up on sports car themes and adds the exceptionally high degree of connectivity everyone seems to want nowadays. Many functions are dealt with using a huge touch screen at the centre of the dash.

From a technical standpoint, the Mach-E is available in two power formats – a single electric motor with rear-wheel drive and a pair of motors providing all-wheel drive. The GT variant offers 459-horsepower and the more basic model, 255-332 horses. Given the torque characteristics of electric motors, expect this Mustang to get off the mark very quickly indeed even in basic form. As engineers will confirm, electric motors reach their torque levels instantly while gasoline motors need time for the revs to climb.

Potential drivers of electric vehicles often worry about available charging facilities but Ford has that well covered. Apart from the public charging stations that are popping up everywhere nowadays, Ford has been expanding its FordPass network across North America and there are now 12,000 outlets available from coast to coast.

When the first Mustang appeared some 55 years ago, it turned out to be the blockbuster of the age and was a huge success. It’s more than possible that this new variant will create even more excitement and the way Ford seems to have planned it; the Mach-E could persuade very large numbers of electric vehicle “doubters” to take the plunge into emission-free driving. The Mach-E is scheduled to arrive towards the end of 2020.


BODY STYLE: SUV/crossover

ENGINE: Single or twin electric motor, depending on model

TRANSMISSION: Two or four-wheel drive

PERFORMANCE: Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 3.5-seconds (targeted, GT)

POWER RANGE: 475 km (targeted)

PRICE: TBA closer to late 2020 arrival. Orders taken now.