The Richmond Auto Mall Blog

Sep 30, 2018


In the same way that people are individually unique, so are cars. So it’s important to find a vehicle that’s right for you - and the animal you embody. Are you a bold predator or a timid animal of prey? Are you all about taking flight at high speeds or easy, laid back cruising? At Richmond Auto Mall, there’s something for every kind of somebody and every kind of animal. The only question is… Which animal are you?

Lion – Dodge Charger

Are you assertive, brave, and often the leader of the pack? Sounds like you’d fit right in with a pride of lions, and therfore need a car that roars as loud as you do. The Dodge Charger has the power to intimidate and can leap from zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It’s fiery and it’s fierce. Cruise through the city in a Dodge Charger and you’ll naturally feel like the king of the concrete jungle!

Rabbit – Volkswagen Golf

For those who like to jump from one thing to the next, the VW Golf is a great fit for you. Like a rabbit that races through the wild at speeds you wouldn’t expect, this hatchback is sneaky fast. Featuring excellent agility and and pinpoint accuracy, the Golf is perfect for those who are always on the go. Plus, with an engine thumping out a total of 170-hp, this compact car packs a lot of kick for its size. And snow bunnies can custom build their Golf with 4MOTION all-wheel drive.

Jaguar – Jaguar XE

While rabbits hop excitedly from place to place, jaguars are particular about where they go and how they get there. If you’re someone who prefers to plan before they pounce, consider a vehicle that is as precise as it is elegant. The Jaguar XE blends beauty and performance, delivering a powerful call of the wild with its mighty supercharged V-6 engine. Reaching a top speed of 200mph, the XE is fast and looking for someone daring enough to take it for a spin.

Dog – Honda Ridgeline

Some of us are so easy going that as long as we get some outdoor time, we’re happy. Just like a fun-loving dog, the Honda Ridgeline is an award-winning mid-sized pickup that you’ll love taking for windows-down road trips through the open country. The Ridgeline is surprisingly tough, so give in to your K9 spirit and do some off-roading because it’s begging to get dirty and trek through some mud! Small but strong, this 280-hp pickup is just as loyal and hard working as man’s best friend.

Swan – Lexus ES

What does a swan and the Lexus ES have in common? Elegance inside and out. If you’re someone who places brains over brawn and values class and sophistication, look no further than the Lexus ES. With a stunning interior and smooth, curved exterior, this premium sedan is no ugly duckling. The ES radiates luxury and is standardized with active-safety features, so all you have to do is spread your wings and fly down the freeway.

Horse – Ford Mustang

You’re a free spirit. You enjoy letting your mane fly in the wind while riding with the top down. The Ford Mustang is the muscle car fit for the fast-paced stallion. Saddle up in a Mustang for a smooth yet powerful ride. At 460 horsepower, it’s an expressive sports car with its own personality, guaranteed to make you say, “Whoa!”

Not sure which animal you are? No problem! At Richmond Auto Mall, there’s something for every kind of somebody. So come for a visit and see which vehicle calls to you.