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May 1, 2017


Yes, it’s finally here, May! Spring! The road to summer! If there are times for taking your car out for a spin on a Road Trip – short or long – this is a great month to start. And with better weather comes more drivers, more people, and yes, more road construction. Who doesn’t love that?

Preparing for that next road trip is about setting a good mood as a driver. You don’t have to work yourself into a Clark Griswold-like frenzy, just remember to keep calm and drive on!

To get into the joy of driving spirit and out on the road for maximum fun, we’ve got all your tips to fill your drive with nothing but Good Carma.


Being nice on the road is table stakes. It’s the bare minimum. Nothing makes driving better than sharing the road with nice people. From making merging easy, to finding that perfect parking spot, the name of the game is patience.

Nothing will ingratiate yourself with other drivers than by simply giving them the old-fashioned wave of thanks. It never fails. This is the secret driver’s code that makes driving especially fun – like you are part of a community of drivers.

You can level this up by staying calm, slowing down, and being mindful of the conditions on the roads.By driving cautiously in work zones, adding a car length or two between you and the next car, and not getting distracted, you can make the roads better for you and everyone else.


A beautiful outside day in May makes us all a little excited on the road. The key is to stay alert and remain distraction free. Nice weather brings out the sunglasses, and inspires road trips, but it also brings out a multitude of distractions. Here’s how to handle them:

Remember to Stay Alert:
With our GPS’s, phones, and all the other toys we have in our cars today, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not pay attention 100% of the time. Remembering that other drivers are experiencing that same thing and compensating and leaving time for reactions is just part of the game.

Keeping your Car Happy
Your partner in crime on the road is your car. Making sure that you’ve treated your car to a spring tune up and that your tires are inflated properly is the key to making drives enjoyable. Ensuring your car is properly serviced so you don’t have distracting flashing lights on your dashboard, or ending up on the side of the road is the responsible thing to do. You can make a service appointment at your Richmond Auto Mall dealer today and get your car ready for spring driving season.

Some say a shiny car is the key to happiness
It seems like a small thing, but making sure your car is clean, especially your windows, so you can clearly see the road is a no brainer to make your Sunday drive, or spring road trip that much better. You don’t want to be that person with “Please Wash Me” written in the dirt.

It’s a great time to be a car buyer! Ride along with our driving expert, Benjamin Yong to Steveston and get some car buying protips that will help you find your next car. / /;


Nice weather, especially in our backyards and hotspots like Steveston Village brings with it a steady stream of pedestrians, cyclists, and even motorcyclists. Keeping your eyes peeled for smaller vehicles makes the roads safer for everyone – and it’s spring, what’s the rush? what goes around comes on the roads. If you are out roads on your bike, help your driving friends by wearing bright coloured clothing, lights, and obeying all the rules.

Making sure you have some extra patience in tourist areas and high traffic zones, around cyclists and pedestrians, will keep your blood pressure down, and your love of driving intact.


Take that driver’s courtesy wave to the next level. Have you come out to your car, running a little late, expecting to get a parking ticket, except for some strange reason, a magical parking elf perhaps, your parking hasn’t expired? It sounds unbelievable, but it happens all the time. People look after one and other and pop some extra coins into the meter. Doing something nice can be as simple as that, or letting someone cross the street, or just letting them into your lane. And the reward is getting Good Carma back all road trip season long.

And that’s how you Share Good Carma on the roads. Have fun out there and tell us on Facebook or Twitter how you like to make driving better.