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Feb 2, 2017



What does your vehicle mean to you? Is it just a chunk of metal that gets you from A-B? Or have you named it, depended on it, cleaned it, and fed it? Your car is a big a part of your life, and probably features in most of your prominent memories. Here’s a little tribute to our four-wheeled friends and their love affair with the open-road.

Quote: “The cars we drive say a lot about us.” Alexandra Paul


It’s hard to forget the anticipation and excitement of buying your first car. It can feel like a rollercoaster ride of emotion from the moment you buy, to the happiness and feelings of self-accomplishment after purchase. Whether you’ve since owned many cars or you are on the search for your first, remember to pick a car that suits your needs, wants and desires. After all, it will become a co-star in your life story.

Quote: “If you can park it and not turn around to look at it as you walk away you haven’t bought the right car.”- Anonymous


The car plays a huge role in today’s family dynamic. It sees everything, from a first kiss to bringing your first baby home from the hospital. It has probably battled through traffic to get you to an interview, or quietly hosts family fights over radio stations and squabbles over who gets ‘shotgun’. Your car quickly becomes a hub for your day-to-day life. For some, it’s where most of the big conversations happen, allowing time for parent check-ins or road trips with friends.

Quote: “Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” E. B. White

This might all sound a little too sentimental for some, but research shows we are prone to emotional attachments with our vehicles. According to an Autotrader survey ‘70% of respondents claim they are “somewhat” if not “very attached” to their vehicles, with 36% describing their vehicle as “an old friend” and more than a quarter saying they feel sad when they think about parting ways with it. In another study by Autotrader, ‘nearly half of all drivers assigned a gender to their cars, and about one-third actually name them. According to the survey, consumers tend to personify their cars to the point that the relationship with them mirrors relationships with living beings in their lives.’ Regardless of how attached you are, it’s impossible to deny that the memories a car holds are priceless.


Your first car is normally not your most luxurious, but somehow is settles in your heart as if a platform to adulthood. As Holly Robinson (author of Folly Cove) neatly puts it, ‘ your car contains your life.’ Our memories are in the tapestry of the old worn-out seats, the small pieces held together by duct tape, or the tears shed over the steering wheel. When the world feels too small, your car gives you space and independence. It might not be a living member of the family, but it is a canvas with your life painted all over it.