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The Integra was one of two launch products back in 1986 when Honda introduced Acura as its luxury brand in North America. (The other product was the Legend). It remained in the Acura range until 2006 when it was dropped, probably because buyers were increasingly turning to SUVs and crossovers. Happily, the Integra is now back with us and the top of the line performance variant is the Type S, the focus of this profile.


The Integra was always a favourite among driving enthusiasts thanks to its combination of engine response and flexibility and taut handling. Early versions have even been popping up at auctions lately and fetching high prices. It’s also good to see Acura returning to names for vehicles, at least for this model, instead of alpha/numeric designations.



Following up on already-announced Integras, the S is aimed directly at the serious enthusiast and holds nothing back in achieving this aim. For starters, the engine is a remarkable piece of design by any standards. Although of only 2.0-litres capacity, in generates an astonishing 320-horsepower. This is 160-horsepower per litre and it’s worth emphasizing that not that long ago, 100-horsepower per litre was racing engine territory. This is going to be the yardstick for small high-performance engines for years to come. Enthusiasts will delight in the fact that you can only order this car with a 6-speed manual transmission and that’s exactly the way it should be. You can buy a “non-S” Integra with an auto box, but not this flyer.



Expectedly, the superb mechanical package is wrapped in a highly attractive 4-doorhatchback body that is totally contemporary, but hints at those much-missed Integras of years ago. Flared fenders accommodate wide wheels and tires and give the car a sedan racer ambiance. The car has the usual LED headlights, running lights and taillights but there’s no gimmicky use of this technology and the car remains an example of tasteful restraint and elegance.



The interior isveryroomy with plenty of space for rear seat passengers, even adults. The layout is for four occupants rather than five but it works very well. It’s worth stressing that the Integra may be a highly desirable “road rocket” but it’s also a perfectly practical family sedan with lots of stowage space and a large load area under the big rear hatch. There are all the usual high-tech communications and infotainment features, most accessed by a big 9-inch touchscreen. As with all Honda products, there’s a full suite of electronic safety features to keep you out of trouble out on the road.


The Integra Type S is a welcome and perhaps surprising entry in the performance sedan market offering exceptional power from a conventional drivetrain when so many automakers are moving solely to EV setups. Expect sales to be brisk when this Acura arrives and possibly there’ll be a waiting list.



BODY STYLE: 4-door, 4-seat sports sedan

ENGINE: 2.0-litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder. 320-horsepower

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual

PERFORMANCE: Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 7.5-secs

FUEL ECONOMY: Not yet listed

PRICE: Not yet announced. Basic Integra costs $34,350

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