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The first-generation Porsche Boxster was launched in 1996 and became a major success for the company. It was a reasonably high-performance German roadster that was a lot less expensive that its ‘big brother’ 911 model. Later, a coupe variant was launched as the Cayman.



Porsche adopted the name ‘718 Boxster’ for its latest model to completely differentiate it from earlier cars. The fact is that the car boasts one very radical change in that it has a 4-cylinder engine. With recent advancements in 4-cylinder engine technology, it’s become possible to create powerplants with the same levels of get-up-and-go as 6-cylinder units, more so in fact. Of course, there are major fuel consumption benefits too.


Thanks to a turbocharger, the base 2.0-litre engine produces an impressive 300-horsepower and if you move up to the 718 Boxster S with its 2.5-litres, the hp jumps to 350. These are amazing figures for four-bangers as it wasn’t long ago that car manufacturers were struggling to get 300-horsepower out of a V-6. Buyers can opt for a 6-speed manual gearbox or a Porsche PDK auto/manual with steering wheel paddles for manual shifts when needed.



When it comes to styling, the 718 certainly follows the basic form of its predecessors, but it is completely new and features a more sculptural form than before. It’s wider at the front and the rear, and the cooling air intakes are bigger to feed lots of air to the turbo. As with so many cars nowadays, lighting is all LED.


It’s very swift to get the top down and enjoy open-air motoring and this can even be done at a stoplight. With the hood up, it’s nice and cozy in the cockpit and the interior trim on the inside is very neatly done. The Boxster has always been a very well balanced sports car and even in demanding conditions, it drives rock-steady and feels very dependable. Even though these cars are rear-wheel drive, they seem to hang in like AWD models thanks to the weight distribution you get with mid engine designs.



The cockpit is beautifully trimmed and looks a lot like the more costly 911 range. Earlier Boxsters were quite spartan inside with the console and other trim components simply sprayed with a textured paint. Over the years, though, they’ve become more luxurious and sophisticated. Once snuggled in the driver’s seat, you feel very much part of the car and this is aided by near-perfect pedal and steering wheel locations. Although the price has crept up over the years, the Boxster remains a great buy in the premium segment with just about all the benefits of the range-topping 911 models.



BODY STYLE: Two place, two door sports roadster

ENGINE: 2.0-litre or 2.5-litre 4-cyl turbo

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual or PDK automatic

PERFORMANCE: Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 4.7-secs (2.0-litre)

FUEL ECONOMY: 9.6-litres/100-km combined

PRICE: $73,100 base MSRP

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