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Recently, Land Rover launched its fifth generation Range Rover and although it is entirely new, it still has visual design clues that go all he way back to the very first model of almost 50 years ago. The first Range Rover was one of those ‘right from the start’ products that still looks good. In fact, when it first appeared, the Louvre in Paris put one on display as an outstanding example of industrial design.


Although earlier models were not exactly degraded with unneeded embellishment, the new model has barely a crease or fold to mar its smoothness. It’s an amazingly clean design and no other luxury SUV looks anything like it. There are no ducts or bulges to spoil the design at all and it’s a credit to the design team to achieve this. As with most products from Jaguar Land Rover nowadays, the bodywork is fabricated from aluminium.


All Land Rover models are true off-road products and most of them can go just about anywhere you could take a wheeled vehicle. This applies in every way to the Range Rover, which despite its sophistication, refinement and comfort, can be driven happily in the most rugged territory imaginable. The new rig uses Land Rover’s highly developed all-wheel drive technology which is controlled by the company’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) system that’s capable of monitoring grip levels and driver inputs 100 times a second to distribute torque between the front and rear axles and across the rear axle. The result is optimal traction on all kinds of surfaces.



The flagship engine is a twin-turbo V-8. Also available in some markets are two plug-in hybrid variants with straight-six power. Claimed electric-only range for the latter vehicles is over 100-km. A full electric Range Rover is promised for 2024.


Climb into a new Range Rover and you’ll be welcomed by an opulent array of fine leathers, fabrics and carpeting. That said, buyers can also choose from some new alternatives to leather. It’s a delightful place to spend even the briefest journey and driver and occupants enjoy an ambiance of luxury, comfort and general wellbeing. The dash area is dominated by a huge touch screen, as befits any truly modern vehicle. The infotainment system and level of connectability is outstanding and the touch screen is easily operable by the driver or the front seat passenger, often the one who takes care of navigation chores. Amazon Alexa is built-in. Like the exterior, the cabin has very clean and uncluttered lines.



The Range Rover was a huge achievement for Land Rover and a brave step back in 1969. It’s interesting to consider that when it was launched, a luxury SUV from BMW was still almost two decades away and no other manufacturer was even thinking about competing in this class. Today, luxury SUVs abound and there are numerous choices but the Range Rover still represents the benchmark product most carmakers try to match.


BODY STYLE: 7-seat fullsize luxury SUV
ENGINE: Mild hybrid 3.0-litre inline six, 4.4-litre twin-turbo V-8; PHEV
TRANSMISSION: Automatic, 8-speed
TOWING CAPACITY: Up to 8,200-lbs (V-8)
FUEL ECONOMY: 13.1-litres/100km city; 9.1-litres/100km hwy
PRICE: From $128,950 MSRP

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