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Mitsubishi’s compact crossover SUV, the Eclipse Cross, is being considerably refreshed for 2022 with a wide range of engineering and cosmetic upgrades. There are many who’d say that the Eclipse Cross didn’t need updating but automakers like Mitsubishi are constantly trying to improve their products and compete more effectively in very active markets.



The original Eclipse Cross was launched in 2017, so this is still very much a new and original design. It stands out from many competitors by looking less boxy, aided by some stylish body sculpturing and an imaginative frontal treatment. It’s nicely compact, but still offers a very roomy cabin and lots of storage space, especially with the rear seats folded.


Compact crossovers are highly popular and among the selling features are the ease of getting in and out, a commanding view of the road and passing scenery for occupants and ease of parking and manoeuvring on city streets.


This new Mitsubishi uses an all-aluminum 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine with a compact turbocharger. This powerplant endows the vehicle with plenty of response and flexibility and is highly fuel-efficient. The transmission is one of the continuously variable units that are widely popular with compact crossovers. Mitsubishi offers a plug-in hybrid version of this product in



On the styling front, the front end has been considerably worked over and features a sportier, more aggressive, approach. The way the lighting has been dealt with is especially interesting. The look is enhanced by a new bumper guard arrangement. The rear hatch and window have been redesigned to give a more sophisticated overall appearance and improve visibility.


The interior provides driver and passengers with a welcoming and comfortable ambiance and driver controls are well placed and easy to get at. There’s a new 8-inch smartphone-link display audio screen and for 2022, it’s a little closer to the driver. Driving confidence has been upgraded thanks to some stiffening of the suspension, though this does not affect the refined highway ride. While the Eclipse Cross is not a full-house off-road vehicle, it can handle dirt roads and fairly demanding excursions away from the pavement.



This product has proven popular for Mitsubishi and according to the company, has been attracting buyers who have never really looked at the brand before. Automakers love to attract newcomers to their nameplate and Mitsubishi has certainly achieved that with the Eclipse Cross.



BODY STYLE: 4-door crossover SUV

ENGINE: 1.5-litre turbo four, 152-horsepower


PERFORMANCE: Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 9-secs

FUEL ECONOMY: 9.6-litres/100 km city/ 8.9-litres/100 km hwy.

PRICE: $28,598, base MSRP


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