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Many people who buy SUVs find that the compact and midsize products aren’t quite all they need and for them, Ford builds the Expedition, a rig with exceptional ruggedness, people carrying capability and towing prowess.


The Expedition is big, make no mistake about that, but it fills a special need among certain types of customers. They may be folk with large families, users who tow horse trailers or RVs or buyers whose work demands travel into exceptionally demanding territory. Full-size SUVs are not big sellers in Canada but they fill a vital need among special types of users.


The Expedition, which has been around in one form or another since 1996, has undergone a total workover for 2022 and incorporates more technical prowess and creature comforts than ever before – especially if you buy one of the “special trim” versions. Its Ford’s biggest SUV and if you put one alongside an Escape, you’ll see a huge difference. Up to eight passengers can be taken care of in spacious comfort. Buyers can choose from five trim levels – SLT, Limited, Limited MAX, Platinum and Platinum MAX. There’s also a Timberline edition for some of these packages and Ford says it’s the most off-road capable Expedition ever, partly thanks to higher ground clearance. It has a skid plate borrowed form the F-150 Raptor.



Big this vehicle might be, but nobody should be afraid of driving one. Behind the wheel, the Expedition has always felt like a much smaller SUV and it manoeuvres very efficiently and is easy enough to park providing there’s space. Steering is light and responsive at slow speeds. On the highway it’s as comfortable as any large luxury sedan and a joy to drive for long road trips.


Power is provided by a nicely responsive 3.5-litre twin-turbo V-6, rather than the V-8s of models past. This is a state-of-the-art engine and it’s mated to a similarly advanced automatic transmission with no less than ten speeds on tap. Ford claims the Expedition tops rivals for power even though they use high-capacity V-8 units.



The luxurious cabin features luxury SUV ambiance and vast amounts of space. Spend a bit of extra cash and you can enjoy a Bang & Olufsen Unleashed Sound System featuring 22 speakers. This has to be the ultimate in vehicle sound systems unless you spend huge amounts of money on upscale aftermarket kit. Expectedly, even an entry level Expedition features a wide range of connectivity and safety benefits.



This product comes with Ford’s SYNC 4 or an optional SYNC 4A system with 15.5-inch high-definition touch display – the largest available screen in its class, according to the automaker. SYNC 4A provides an interface using machine-learning to memorize and make use of preferred driver choices. SYNC 4, with a standard 12-inch center screen with information on-demand panel, lets customers split the screen and control multiple functions simultaneously including navigation, music and other features including towing information.



For buyers looking for a day-to-day SUV/crossover with a small footprint, the Expedition is not the answer but for those who want to combine off-road ability with great comfort and huge towing capability, this new Ford is very tough to beat.


Eight-passenger full-size SUV
ENGINE: 3.5-litre twin-turbo V-6, 375-440-horsepower
TRANSMISSION: 10-speed automatic, 4WD
TOWING CAPACITY: 9,200-lbs with HD trailer package
FUEL ECONOMY: 13-litres/100 km combined
PRICE: From $66,340 MSRP

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