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The competition among manufacturers of luxury electric vehicles has intensified in recent times and most firms active in this class have been busy creating new products. Audi is no exception and has been developing its range of e-tron dedicated EVs for some years, but it was 2019 before we saw a production model. There are now more than half a dozen distinctive models ranging from small sedans and hatchbacks to the very desirable e-tron GT Quattro, flagship of the electric fleet.


The GT Quattro might just be the most handsome full electric mid sized sedan on the market right now. It’s hard to fault its sleek four-door coupe styling and outstanding detailing around the bodywork. The e-tron GT shares its platform and most of its electric drivetrain architecture with the Porsche Taycan.

Technically, the e-tron GT combines impressive power with some notably worthwhile safety features. Every e-tron model has all-wheel drive thanks to a pair of electric motors, one at each end.


The e-tron GT Quattro has a peak electrical output of 390 kW and 469-horsepower in boost mode and will get you silently to 100 km/h in 4.0-seconds. Top speed is given as 245 km/h. For buyers looking for even more performance from their e-tron GT, the RS version is upcoming at a later date.

Batteries may not be the most exciting aspect of any car, but on EVs, they are among the most critical components. The e-tron GT uses an 84 kWh lithium ion unit that can offer a range of up to 487-km in mild weather around town, which is impressive, even when compared to cutting edge market leaders. They can be charged very quickly from a fast charger – about 23-minutes to 80 per cent of full charge. Using a normal power supply, fully charging an RS e-tron GT is an overnight job.


For the interior, Audi stylists stayed close to tradition, which most fans of the marque will approve of. Audi has always done great interiors with tidy, straightforward instrumentation and an elegant design ethic. Audi emphasises its choice of interior trim materials and the eco-friendly approach designers took. When it comes to cabin ambiance, Audi is tough to beat.

The e-tron GT models represent a worthwhile addition to the growing number of luxurious, high-performance electric cars on the market today. Their appeal is such that even luxury car shoppers reluctant to take the EV plunge will be persuaded to do so when they experience an RS e-tron GT. This opulent Audi carries a price tag to be expected given its performance and level of luxury but other products in the e-tron range can be acquired for a lot less.



BODY STYLE: Four-door sedan/coupe

ENGINE: Two electric motors 390 kW

TRANSMISSION:  Direct drive, all wheel drive

PERFORMANCE: Zero to 100 km/h in approx. 4-secs

RANGE: 487-km

PRICE: $130.850

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